Getting into this box is what's best for both of us. During your time in the box, you will learn so much, and yet experience so little. It's a wild ride, my friend, one well worth the time spent...and let's face it, you don't have much to do these days anyway.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Peering out of the box - 3/7/13.

Vox Popoli - Teachers are Substandard.
This also serves as a fitting response to those who ask how a mother can homeschool without a degree in physics, math, or womyn's studies.  The correct answer is: why do you think your children can be adequately educated by a collection of women with a sub-normal IQs whose only education is in what is quite literally the easiest possible course of collegiate study.
Jim - Marriage, Supply and Demand.
So society tends to flip between two states, the state where males, marriage, and commitment is in high demand, and most children have fathers, and the state where most males are surplus to requirements, have no incentive to contribute to or protect society, and most children are fatherless.  Civilization only gets built in the condition where males, marriage, and commitment, are in high demand.
Nydwracu - Gay marriage isn't the problem, love is.
Romantic love cannot provide the stability necessary for a healthy marriage; but our culture holds it as the only thing that can. This must change if the institution of marriage is to survive. To ensure the health and continued existence of our society, marriage should be oriented toward establishing not formal bonds between romantic lovers, but a healthy and stable family and reproductive unit.
I have often been of the mind that modern romantic love is arguably one of the most toxic things to plague us. Romeo and Juliet was written as a cautionary tale, not a handbook.

Didact's Reach - Full throttle towards Gomorrah.
Lesbian porn might be fun to watch, but in real life, homosexuality is not "normal"- any straight man who's ever walked down Christopher Street in New York, or through SoHo in London, knows what I'm on about. It has never been accepted as normal in any human society, including ones far more tolerant of unusual sexual mores than current American society. That said, if homosexuals wish to live their lives in peace, as long as they're not bothering me, I don't particularly care who they shack up with or who they wish to spend the rest of their lives with.

What the SCOTUS did with this decision is contrary to both of these basic libertarian tenets.
Economic Collapse - 36 Hard Questions About the US Economy.
If the economy is improving, then why aren't things getting better for most average Americans?  They tell us that the unemployment rate is going down, but the percentage of Americans that are actually working is exactly the same it was three years ago.  They tell us that American families are in better financial shape now, but real disposable income is falling rapidly.  They tell us that inflation is low, but every time we go shopping at the grocery store the prices just seem to keep going up.  They tell us that the economic crisis is over, and yet poverty and government dependence continue to explode to unprecedented heights.  There seems to be a disconnect between what the government and the media are telling us and what is actually true.
Sultan Knish - The United States of Guilt.
There was once an America that built its shining cities on a hill in the name of virtue. That nation has been replaced by another nation that builds housing projects in the name of guilt. We used to elect the best men for the job, or at least we believed we did. Now we hold elections of guilt, deciding which oppressed minority has been most shamefully overlooked, before casting our vote for a more diverse and equitable society.

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