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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Just got back from the commencement ceremony.

It was vile.



The opening video was one of our Dear Leader LKY receiving a honourary doctorate of law at the Istana (our equivalent of your White House) earlier this year. Why this was shown, I have no idea.

The guest speaker was a regional manager for a petroleum company. She pontificated at length about her "work-life balance", which involved outsourcing the raising of her three children to her mother and mother-in-law, as well as their nanny, of which she openly bragged that her children regarded their nanny as another mother. This was followed by exhortations for men to do more in the home (we know you ladies don't really find us sexy when we do dishes) and "support their wives' careers", while urging the women to "find the bravery" to "reach top positions in the corporate world".

The dean's speech was little better, blathering on about how climate change was threatening the world, the roles of engineers in building social justice, blah blah blah blah diversity blah blah discrimination blah blah blah -

At least the valedictorian's speech was just a teeny bit less politically charged, although he gushed and bubbled over at how university was a great experience for him and how we should follow our hearts and everything which Cappy Cap points out is a big bull of crock you should not be paying thousands of dollars a semester for.

A big portion of what's wrong with modern society, squeezed into the small space of two hours. It's enough to make a man feel ill.

I can't wait for higher education and this society to crumble to dust.

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