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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gresham's Law - it just gets worse and worse and worse...

From Wikipedia:

Gresham's law is an economic principle that states: "When a government overvalues one type of money and undervalues another, the undervalued money will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while the overvalued money will flood into circulation."[1] It is commonly stated as: "Bad money drives out good".

Aurini has written a small piece on this little law, which examines how it applies to sex and culture. He concludes:
"The result of the interplay between Cad/Dad and Lady/Slut-Bitch is a mating market that’s slightly more focused on meaningless sex, and slightly less focused on emotional bonding.

That was the first iteration: now repeat ad nauseum."
Just fine, innit? An escalating arms race where good behaviour is rapidly driven out by the bad. Just a couple of hours ago, I wander by Mr. Sturges' and see this post:

He has this to say about these "gags":
"Well isn’t that nice. How many of you guys out there when faced with a fake pregnancy test that results in a positive every time would know the difference from a real one? Definitely not me, it’s something that I never concerned myself with. Can you see the consequences of this? Some poor sclub has sex with some predatory bitch hitting the wall hard and then is confronted with one of these fake tests. Well the poor bastard just thinks he hit the jackpot, finally he thinks to himself, “I’m going to have a kid!” Not so fast bucko, what’s going to happen next is she’s going to want to get married and then when he does, all of the sudden there’s a miscarriage the response of which she’s going to fake all of the appropriate emotions that someone who’s lost an unborn child is supposed to go through. After a couple of months of grieving here come the divorce papers, she’ll tell the judge that the “trauma” of losing the unborn child was too much and there goes half his property. Notice that the person that is on the losing end of this “prank” is called the “victim“. Given the implications of what could happen with something like this it makes perfect sense.


"Well, isn’t this nice too? If it is convincing enough to fool the requisite gullible guy can you see this getting out of hand? Given that 90% of the guys out there are gullible as hell, look for sites like this to proliferate. All because these bitches know that with very little evidence they can extract the hard earned resources from men with very little evidence and by preying on the gullibility of men who just want families.

Good grief, I’m glad I got snipped 15 years ago. But I’m going to make a prediction here that you might not believe, but given what I’ve seen over the past decade, is quickly going to come to pass.

This bullshit site is just the beginning. As more women hit the wall and more women become single mothers without support, look for sites catered to these whores where if you’re a man and leave behind so much as a spent cigarette butt, a hair or your saliva on a drink glass that she can get possession of, there will be services and websites that will make sure that the bitch’s bastard spawn matches your DNA whether you even met her or not. Given the family court system these days you are going to be screwed even if you didn’t lay the cunt. And, with ubiquitous DNA testing that surrounds us these days and the faith the general public puts into the results of any test like this, look for these types of tests to be abused. Especially if resources can be extracted from a productive male."
Oh, but the men aren't going to lose out. Gone are the days of poked holes in condoms - as Mister Grumpus comments:
"On the other side of things, there are plenty of sites selling fake (but of course real-looking) sets of birth control pills, replete with fake prescription documents, etc.

Which of course reminds me of that one outfit that sells fake ATM balance receipts. The more money you want it to show that you have, the more you pay.

Try to cheat and end up surrounded by cheaters, I guess."
Commenter Earl has some other ideas:
I have a great idea.
Act like you are poor and insane.
Tell her your job is part time greeter at the Sizzler.
And that you see snakes all the time…there is even one on her face.
Demonstrate low value to every slut you encounter.
If they are going to go the route of lying to get what they want…so will I.
Wonder what the next iteration will be?

Bad money drives out the good. Bad sex drives out the good. Bad behaviour drives out the good.

I think I can say we're in a free-fall spiral right now, and from within the safety of my reinforced box, I can say I'm loving every single moment of it as a young curmudgeon.

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