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Monday, 10 June 2013

Peering out of the box - 10/6/13.

Zero Hedge - NSA Whistleblower Reveals Himself.

So...any bets on how long Snowden lasts before he decides to make toast in the bathtub, has an unfortunate car accident or just plain disappears?


Vox Day shares his thoughts here.

Speaking of Vox...

Vox Day - Homeschooling hits critical mass.

I predict shortly in the future that the USG will clamp down on homeschooling, if not outright attempting to make not sending your children to public school an offense like it is in Germany and here in Singapore. Can't have the kids thinking for themselves, can we?

Sultan Knish - Government is the new race.
Black history has become a commodity. It was mortgaged to the Democratic Party which turned it over to the IRS. And when history turns into a commodity, it is cut off from the flows and currents of a culture. It is reduced to an item of intellectual property to be exploited, developed and then finally discarded. In this state, it cannot grow or change. It does not reflect the soul of a people. And without it, the soul of a people grows stifled and musty. Without control over their own history, a people are unable to grow and change.
The Reactivity Place - What Hath the Kingdom of God to do with Secular Rightists?
 Jim Donald goes farther than most in advocating officially state sponsored religion. Why? Because it is the natural state of a people to have a shared religion. And Official Religions, because they are official, are much more benign than Unofficial official religions such as we have today (Liberal Christianity). I make the same point in a previous post, that a religious heritage works best when it stays clear of the extremes of rigor (phariseeism) and laxity (pietism). Modern Liberal Christianity is the absolute worst aspects of both.

In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a culture now completely dominated by lies, regarding the sexes, regarding race, regarding economics, regarding politics, regarding equality, regarding health and happiness and meaning in life. Those who can see through those lies, articulate a response, and fight against them are our friends, irrespective of the divergence in our prior metaphysical commitments.
Elusive Wapiti - Cash and Prizes 
This may account for some of the "cash and prizes" complaining that you hear. The fellows who dominate the manosphere are likely whiter, better educated, and have higher incomes than do the average American male. So it follows that they pay more than the average figures listed above. Plus, a median income of $29,000 for an electively divorced single mother is supplemented by benefits not available to non-custodial fathers, such as the earned income tax credit, child care deductions, lower tax bracket, extra exemptions, etc. I suspect these considerations are not factored into the "female breadwinner" analysis, and these indirect compensations not only soften the blow of choice motherhood but may also be arguably viewed as income transfers of the "cash and prizes" kind, as well. 
Also notable is that the average single mother has a net effective income of 57K, which is equal to that of someone making 69K/year. Government-subsidised failure indeed, paid out of the pockets of productive citizenry.

Stares at the World - The question libertarians can't answer.

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