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Thursday, 13 June 2013

A point of amusement.

One of the things I like to do with my spare time is that I enjoy modding for Dungeons of Dredmor, a roguelike which doesn't take itself quite seriously. For those unfamiliar with the genre, a roguelike is a form of RPG which is made distinct by the following traits:

*Dungeon layouts that are randomly or psuedo-randomly generated.
*A high degree of unpredictability. For examples, potion effects may be randomised between games.
*Brutal degrees of difficulty.
*High importance of resource management and prioritisation. Creating and safeguarding caches can be vitally important in some games.
*All sorts of inanities; due to the open-source or at least highly-moddable nature of most games in the genre, there're enough people to think of anything and everything.

Occasionally, I get feedback on my mods. Since I do a lot of different stuff, I get a wide variety of it - some I agree with, such as making things more modular so people can pick and choose what they want or don't want to add, and I spend a night or two working on rectifying the problem. Others I don't agree with, and if the fellow is decent enough, explain why I see things differently, or just ignore them if they aren't.

Recently, though, I received a complaint that was just bizarre.


If you didn't know, I happen to love faeries. They are sacred creatures that worship nature. Anyone who believes that they are not real is closed minded, because they are real, and will hardly ever show themselves to a Human who could easily do harm to them. Now for the picture that pisses me off:

Wouldn't you find the description rather cruel for a lovely creature such as a fairy? Upon posting this thread, I feel that I don't care about what (redacted) added, and that I'm not so angry anymore. In fact, the only reason why I bothered posting this topic is to show that Fairy lovers probably wouldn't like (redacted) if they saw this. As for me, I have nothing against the modder or the mod, I just find Interior Dredmorating more fun, especially because in (redacted), there are some rooms that make me uncertain as to what will happen in the future whether I choose cake or pie, or whether killing the diggle with the lever means anything or not, and whether my relations with Obsidia will go well or go sour. I've never played that far in (redacted), but I'd probably avoid it if I am to do a Super Serious Run. Besides, it adds alot of food items to the game, and with the combination of Faxpax, (redacted) and Advanced Craft 'n Smelt, There's just way too many different types of food in the game, filling up my inventory quickly. I could just fill my pocket dimension, but I never like leaving food on the floor of my own personal space. 
I'm just here to show a heads up for all those fairy lovers out there. Maybe some of you would find it as a joke, after all, it's just a game.
Edit: The part that angers me the most is that it involves shoes, and I happen to be a Shoe Fetish as well, and I also happen to love faery feet.
Seriously? Maybe I should be used to the "everything offends me" brigade by now, but this is just...well, I just find it funny that instead of the minotaur milking machines, the insertion of "sex appeal" as a noun to be used in randomly-generated names, the implied cannibalism of some of the monsters and so many other things in my mods that people can get offended at...this fellow is getting offended by fairies.

It just makes me wonder.

Update: seems like when cornered, the little rabbit squeals and hops away:
I DO believe in faeries, and I do believe they are real. I also believe that any work of fiction created by the human mind gains an actual, real existence in another place and time, away from our dimension of planet earth. People may disagree, and I accept that. But when factoring the entire universe(or multiverse), I believe that everything exists, and everything either was, is, or will be real at some point, somewhere.

If anyone thinks that I am living a lie, then I think they're the ones who need help. I live my life on planet earth knowing that anything deemed 'fictitious' is currently out of my reach in my current life on earth. That said, judging by the true definition of 'fiction', I believe that there's no such thing as fiction, for everything imagined is not simply a lie or fabrication, but an existence in another realm at another time.
"People may disagree, and I accept that."

"If anyone thinks that I am living a lie, then I think they're the ones who need help."

What is it about these two statements that bother me...hmm...

Seems like our fellow's not sorry, merely sorry that he got caught. Well, fine. Talking about faeries as if they're next to us one moment, and then quickly skipping over to include the extent of the universe, but not just the multiverse. So, essentially, coupled with the impossibility of proving a negative...well, I suppose faeries might exist somewhere. But as pertains to our daily, no interaction outside our daily lives. Well, if you want to be an Otherkin, knock yourself out. Just leave me alone and be offended about dead faeries over there.

Also, has someone been reading too much Discworld? "Belief causes existence"

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