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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Singapore meetup.

Breaking out of my self-imposed silence for a moment to make a small announcement. I haven't been posting much due to my job search, and any spare time I have is spent browsing Mr. Soto's wonderful collection of neoreactionary books.

In any case, it seems that Fight Club has been moving out into meatspace for some time now. The various manosphere events have been most prominent in the minds of those involved in this little corner of the internet, but there's also been a recent meetup (or alternatively, hateup) of reactionaries in New York City which has gained a little less publicity, but I hear many important discussions have taken place there.

To this effect, Didact and I are looking to organise something similar, but on a much smaller scale than what's been done (as he points out, $5 for a local brew is pretty exorbitant). We're looking at the 27th or 30th, probably the latter, and already have one taker. The location will be something that's convenient for everyone (likely central Singapore) and more details will be released when events progress.

If you are interested, send either of us an email, or post a comment

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